Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions or concerns in addition to the ones below please E-mail or call and we would be happy to answer them.

The Music

How do I pick the music that you perform?

We will offer as much or as little direction as you desire in the music selection process.  For the ceremony music we can walk you through the process to be certain that the music is exactly appropriate  and conforms to your specific taste and wishes. For the prelude or cocktail hour music, you simply let  us know the mood you would like to create, and we will plan accordingly.  You can always let us know a few favorites and we will build around those choices.  


I heard the Pachelbel Canon on a CD. It was faster than your version. Can you play it that way?

Yes. Since you are using live musicians, many versions of the same selection are possible. Changing the speed to suit your wishes is a simple and effective way to create ambience. The volume can also be altered for special moments. For example, we can play a piece for the bridal party that can swell to a lush climax for the bride's procession.


Can you arrange a sentimental favorite not usually played by a chamber ensemble?

Although we have over 600 selections, for those favorite pieces not already in our library we would be delighted to make an arrangement for a small fee.


The Contract

How soon should we book the ensemble?

In general 6 months ahead.  If your event is in the months of  September, October and June it is a good idea to book us as early as possible as these are our busiest months.


Do you take breaks?

For one hour engagements, (i.e. ceremonies or cocktail hours) no. For engagements lasting over one hour, we generally take ten minutes per hour. The schedule of our breaks can be arranged between the Amaryllis Ensemble and the client. For long events (Over 3 1/2 hours), a brief meal break is also expected.


Do the musicians need to eat?

Generally not, although non-alcoholic drinks are requested. For performances over 3 1/2 hours, we ask that a meal be served.


I am a punctual person but what if we run late?

We have a set overtime rate explained in the contract which is payable in cash at the close of the event.


The Ensemble

What combination of instruments do you recommend?

All of the combinations sound nice, but we most often perform as a trio consisting of  Violin, Viola and Cello.

Other combinations are . . .

Trios - Flute/Violin/Cello, or Violin/Violin/Cello.

Quartet - Violin/Violin/Viola/Cello, or Flute/Violin/Viola/Cello.

For 70 or fewer guests:

Duets - Violin/Cello, or Flute/Cello.

We can also add a Trumpet to any of the ensembles.


For what type of events have you performed?

We perform at many types of events. 

Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies.

Receptions & Cocktail Parties.

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

Birthday and Anniversary Parties.

Corporate Events, Opening Celebrations, Civic Events, Memorial Services, Fundraisers and Holiday Events.

Special Dinners, Lunches, and Brunches.


Are you familiar with all types of ceremonies?

Yes, we are fluent in the traditional ceremonies including all Protestant denominations, the Roman Catholic Mass, the Jewish ceremony, and the civil ceremony. The ensemble also rises to the challenge of the non-traditional, personalized ceremony requiring a special touch: i.e. Interfaith, Holistic, Elizabethan; and for other special ceremonies such as the tea ceremony from China, and the Veil and Cord from the Philippines.


Does your ensemble have any reviews?

Yes, in addition to the many thank you notes we receive from our clients, we have been positively reviewed on Wedding Wire.
 Wedding Wire Reviews 


Who are your favorite vendors and wedding specialists?

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